Juicy Open Ticket - Edale
Juicy Open Ticket - Edale
Juicy Open Ticket - Edale
Juicy Open Ticket - Edale

Juicy Open Ticket - Edale

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 With a near silent, stealth-like high torque motor from Aikema which is smaller, lighter and more powerful than others in the range. Ticket is just what the discreet electric cyclist needs. It's light - just 16.5 Kgs - Juicy's lightest bike in fact. Can you spot the battery?

Hidden within the frame is a Samsung battery capable of taking you at least 18 miles - probably much more. This isn't a range for everyone but it will suit many. Or simply choose the upgrade battery, good for 33 miles or more and still completely hidden within the frame.

Ticket is the way to arrive - understated, but ever-so desirable.

Together, you'll keep your cool in the most tedious of traffic. Ticket's electric torque sensing system is now well proven and will work with you, precisely multiplying your effort on the pedals, instantly - just tap Ticket's pedals and off you both go.

With levels of assistance to more than match your energy you and Ticket will be playing footsie together in no time. Start a love affair with a hidden secret (did we mention it's electric?). Start looking forward to your day - try stepping out with Ticket.

Ticket's drive system is so smooth and silent that you'll never be heard and the battery so well hidden no one will guess you're a savvy electric bike rider. But you will, and folk will notice Ticket's style and the ease with which the pair of you get around.

Motor system 250W High TQ hub from Aikema
Battery capacity (watts) 375W
Gears Shimano 8 speed Acera derailleur
Brakes Tektro hydraulic disc
Wheel size 28 inch