Peter Lynn Impulse TR 2.0m

Peter Lynn Impulse TR 2.0m

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The Peter Lynn Impulse TR is the perfect trainer kite for anyone who wants to improve their kite flying skills to get into kiteboarding, landboarding or snowkiting.

A unique shape, strong construction, 3-line setup and a control bar with safety leash will help entry-level kite flyers to develop their kite skills and get used to the power of a kite.

The Impulse TR kite has been developed to offer a perfect balance between speed and stability, so riders get challenged when flying the kite but will not struggle to keep the kite in the air. The power can build up to quite a bit, so the rider rapidly learns which sections of the wind window create the most power and which sections the least. The Impulse TR can even be used to ride a land board or a buggy, to get more experienced with kite traction activities.

The Impulse TR is flown on a 3-line control bar with safety system, to get an experience as close as possible to kiteboarding or landboarding right from the start. The extra centre line, the Life line, makes a very easy instant relaunch possible.