About Us

UFO (Ultimate Fun Obsessions Ltd.) is an active leisure equipment specialist based in Weston-super-Mare and established since 1997.

Advising and selling kites, Juggling, yo-yo, frisbee skateboards, scooters and roller skate. Today we believe that cycling is experiencing a revolution as electrical pedal assistance allows more people to do more with their e-bikes. Whether it's taking the kids to school, riding up mountains at the weekend or carrying your shopping home after work, e-power helps you smile up the hills.  

Dominic - A keen cyclist in his youth riding track and time trial with the Clarence Wheelers. A champion stunt kite flyer and kite buggy racer in his prime. Today a committed e-bike commuter.   

Barry has been shop manager of UFO for over 15 years, actively kitesurfing in the waters of Weston-super-Mare and racing his kite buggy at international level. A keen mountain biker from a young age, Barry feels that e-MTB are the future of riding off road, enabling him to ride further up steeper climbs than ever before, meaning that there's more downhills to enjoy with a big smile on his face.

Doug is the newest member of the UFO team currently doing a Cytech apprenticeship with us. He too has a kite flying background as a very skilled landboarder. He has also been a keen BMXer for over 20 years but is really enjoying riding his Moustache e-MTB around Weston-super-Mare woods.