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Book An Electric Bike Test Ride

Electric bikes have revolutionised the world of eco-friendly travel, providing an efficient way to commute and explore. In fact, commuting to work has never been such a breeze with the help of pedal assist and electric motors. Say goodbye to the stress of finding parking spots, waiting for public transportation, or spending a fortune on fuel.
If you're ready to transform your daily commute or enhance your weekend adventures with a newfound sense of freedom, eBike UFO is here to make it happen. We invite you to visit our bike showroom and take our e-bikes for a complimentary test ride!

Experience the joy of an electric bike before you commit 

Whether you're a seasoned e-bike rider or a beginner, we have an opportunity that will help you make a more informed purchase decision. Our electric bicycle test ride will give you a well-rounded experience of an e-bike. Choose between a quick jaunt along the seafront or an adventurous journey on our test route.

Why book an electric bicycle test ride?

At eBike UFO, your satisfaction is our top priority. We understand the importance of finding an electric bike that meets your needs, so our ebike test ride experience is designed to instil confidence in your purchase decision. We also take pride in stocking a range of e-bikes, ensuring you have plenty of options when you come to see us in-store.

Book An Electric Bike Test Ride

Have you ever asked yourself, “Are electric bikes easy to ride?" or perhaps you’ve wondered "How fast are electric bikes?” If so, we want to invite you to our electric bike test ride event, where you can find out the answers firsthand!

Available bikes to test ride

All our bikes are available to test ride, including:

Electric Mountain Bikes: Conquer rugged terrains effortlessly with a high-performance electric mountain bike (eMTB).
SUV E-Bikes: Tackle off-road adventures and urban jungles alike with an SUV electric bike.
    Not sure which electric bike to choose? Fear not, our staff will assist you in selecting an e-bike that is perfect for your needs. At eBike UFO, we understand that trying an electric bike for the first time can feel overwhelming. That's why we recommend booking an electric bike test ride with us. During the test ride, our staff will be on hand to assist you every step of the way. They will adjust the saddle and handlebar height to ensure comfort and proper riding posture. Our staff will also demonstrate how to adjust the pedal assist feature - This allows you to customise the level of assistance the bike provides, giving you the freedom to choose between a more vigorous workout or a relaxed ride.

    Book An Electric Bike Test Ride

    How to book a test ride and what to expect?

    To pre-book your test ride on a day that is convenient for you, simply give us a call at 01934 644988 or feel free to visit us in-store any day before 5:30 pm, and we'll arrange your test ride on the spot.

    Safety first

    On the day of your test ride, we advise that you bring a bike helmet for your safety and peace of mind. However, rest assured that if you don't have a helmet, we have spare helmets available for our test riders.

    The route

    Our test route begins at the eBike UFO shop and takes you along a quiet, safe route so you can fully immerse yourself in the experience of electric biking. A member of our team will also accompany you on the ride if you have questions or want to try multiple e-bikes.

    So, why wait? 

    Take advantage of our ebike test ride service. Explore the wonders of electric biking in a safe and controlled environment.
    Book your test ride today and let us help you discover the thrill and freedom of e-biking!