Electric Bike Repairs, Traditional Bike Repairs & Servicing

Have you serviced your bike in the last twelve months? If the answer is no, it's time to take action for your riding safety and pleasure. 
Squeaky brakes, mysterious gear noises, and bothersome rattling - these are all clear signals that your bike is calling out for a service.
But don't wait until it's too late. Visit eBike UFO, your trusted experts in diagnosing, fixing, and maintaining standard bicycles and electric bikes in Weston-Super-Mare.
Whether you're a casual pedaler or a seasoned pro, regular bike servicing is vital to ensure increased bike longevity, safety on the road, and complete peace of mind. That’s why we recommend getting your bike serviced by a professional every year. We even offer specialised Bosch and FAZUA diagnostics for that extra touch of care. So, get the most out of your riding experience with regular bike servicing from our expert team.
Bike Repairs & Servicing

Bike Repairs

Is your bike in dire need of a fix? Look no further! At eBike UFO, we take pride in being the go-to destination for all your bike repair needs. Say goodbye to endless online searches for a "bike repair near me" - we've got you covered! Our team of qualified bike engineers is dedicated to providing swift and efficient solutions to get your bike back on track. From minor puncture repairs to meticulous brake and gear services, we handle it all with finesse. Plus, with prices starting from just £15, we’ll have you back on the road in no time.

Wheel Building Specialists

Not only are we bike repair experts, but our skilled staff also builds custom wheels – you could say we're artisans of bike wheel craftsmanship.
Why choose bespoke bike wheels?
Precision Engineering: Custom bike wheels are meticulously crafted to cater to your unique needs and riding style. Each component is handpicked to ensure the perfect balance of speed, durability, and performance.
Personalisation: With custom-built wheels, you can choose the exact specifications, materials, and design elements that resonate with your preferences. It's an opportunity to express individuality and create wheels that match your personality.
Enhanced Performance: Custom wheels are optimised for specific terrains and riding conditions by considering your day-to-day usage patterns. This results in improved performance and a ride tailored precisely to your requirements. 
 Bike Repairs & Servicing

Electric Bike Repairs Near Me

At eBike UFO, our team specialises in electric bike maintenance, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your ride. Your satisfaction is our driving force, and we go the extra mile to guarantee that you receive exceptional service and repairs.

As an approved Bosch service centre and Fazua-certified partner, we offer unmatched diagnostics and precision repairs on Bosch and Fazua e-bike systems. Our primary goal is to enhance your bike's performance, prolong its lifespan, and prioritise your safety on the road.

Electric Bike Specialists

You can rest easy knowing that your bike is in capable hands - all of our staff are Cytech-accredited, which means we have the experience, skills, and knowledge to diagnose and fix your electric bike to a high standard.

 See our full range of bike repair services below

Action Cost
Service Standard £80
Brake service (Repair and/or adjust brakes) £25
Gear service (Adjust/setup) £25
Bottom Bracket install  £25
Standard wheel true From £20
Tyre swap Each £15
Puncture (Tube or patch) £25 If hub motor. £20
Bosch update £15
Chain install £10
Brake bleed Shimano (inc new fluid and misc) £25 per brake
Brake bleed Sram (inc new fluid and misc) £25 per brake
Headset service £25
Hub service £25
Deep clean Transmission (Components off and parts washed) £30
Bespoke electronics work £35 per hour
Bespoke Mech work £35 per hour
Tubeless (inc tape and fluid, consultation required) £30 per wheel
Wheel build (serious wheels + bladed spokes ect, cost more) From £55
Bike build £50

Book Your Bike Repair

Whether you need a quick puncture repair, a fully customised wheel build, or want your electric bike checked over, we've got you covered! Call us at 01934 644988 or email info@ebikeufo.co.uk to learn more and schedule your bike repair and/or servicing today.