Bosch e-Bike Systems


The eBike provides us with efficient mobility and is one of the most sustainable and healthiest means of transport of our time. For more than 10 years, Bosch eBike Systems has been delivering innovative eBike drive systems that offer the best performance and quality.
Bosch's award-winning motors, highly efficient batteries and modern displays form a perfectly coordinated eBike drive system - whether for an eMountain Bike, a Trekking eBike, a City eBike or an eCargo bike. Allow yourself to be convinced and experience the difference. Feel the Flow!

Motors, batteries and displays

The motor or 'Drive Unit' is the heart of the eBike which is why Bosch exclusively offer mid-motors. So in every single Bosch system the power comes from the centre of the eBike. Whether it's a cargo bike for everyday use or a mountain bike designed for use on technical terrain, sophisticated sensor management means the power of the Bosch drive system can always be controlled. Start-up behaviour ranges from smooth to sporty. There are four levels of support from 40% to 400% to choose from. The necessary power is supplied by powerful Bosch lithium-ion batteries featuring seamless design and remarkable efficiency. A Bosch eBike display on the handlebar completes the drive system. The robust Purion, Intuvia, Kiox, Nyon, SmartphoneHub and COBI.Bike displays show all of the important riding data such as speed, battery level and range at just a single a glance.

A common question we are asked is how far will an ebike go. There are many factors that can influence the range of an ebike.
Thankfully, Bosch have created a very handy calculator that provides a pretty good idea of range based on certain parameters. These variables are inputted by you as the rider.
Click the link below to see the range you are likely to achieve with different changeable factors.

Bosch range calculator